In this workshop, you will learn what it takes to make iconic products. Iconic products builds brands and long term profits. The original ideas and concepts proposed in this workshop are based on years of research into the design strategies, cultural processes and marketing techniques that form an iconic product. The workshop will help you set up a more creative and effecient strategic framework, for your product design and marketing efforts. The workshop is based on the history of iconic modern chairs, but the principles are universal and can be applied across product categories.

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Download: Iconic Design - Dansk.pdf

Did you know that the history of branding started 80,000 years ago in South Africa? That the strategic reason for building brands is to amass cultural capital? Or how ritual is a powerful brand building tool? Get the answers to these questions and much more...

This workshop is based on advanced cultural branding theories and interdisciplinary research across domains such as design theory, culture studies, multimodal semiotics, economics and media theory. The workshop features original concepts and a comprehensive brand building model developed by Karl Grøndal.

The goal of the workshop is to give the participants:

  • An expanded view on the history of branding.
  • New perspectives on what a brand is and can be
  • An introduction to the role of brands in our fragmented hyperculture.
  • A a deeper understanding of how people use brands in the construction and performance of identity.
  • A new strategic framework for designing a more relevant, authentic and attractive brand.