KGS is founded by designer, researcher and brand architect, Karl Grøndal.  

KGS works from the position that a brand should be based in an inspiring belief system. Beliefs that are felt as deeply relevant to your target audience.

The brand beliefs should be expressed in authentic and attractive ways across all brand touchpoints: narratives, products and experiences. Making it possible for customers and employees, to use the brand and its symbols to construct and perform identity in meaningful ways.

Brands are part of our cultural fabric. Brand building is designing culture.

Learn more about the theories and methods underpinning the work of KGS by booking the Iconic Design or Brand Building workshop.

Karl Grøndal Studio helps startups, corporations and other organisations design stronger brands.

If relevant for your project, a custom team will be assembled from a network of designers, architects, researchers, marketeers, engineers, writers, film crews, photographers, model makers, 3D artists, animators etc. in Denmark and abroad.